Voice Lessons

Voice and Sight Singing Lessons

Do you hear your child singing along with the radio, or humming throughout the day?  Do you see a growing interest in performing? Do you notice the beginnings of a beautiful voice but think it could improve with some professional help.  Often parents start their children in voice lessons because they know their potential or affinity for music.  Some parents feel that the lessons would help to develop self confidence.  These are all good reasons.  Although many of our voice students are children or youth, we train a wealth of adult students as well, both beginners and professionals alike.  Sometimes parents looking for voice lessons in Clear Lake Texas will take lessons along with their children, instilling a love of music, a respect for education, and a sense of discipline by example.

Our voice instructors, Alicia Motter-Vlahakos and Cynthia Butler, each with a Bachelors degree in music education with a vocal emphasis, teach “voice health,” which is a technique guaranteed to give the students a better sound, better vocal stamina, and a larger range, because it is based on how the voice is created to function.  This technique is flexible to any musical style and can be integrated into the singer’s own stylistic choices.

 Alicia and Cynthia also enjoy teaching how to sing and play at the same time, which is a good skill to have if you are interested in accompanying yourself, and therefore becoming a self-reliant musician.  Cynthia can teach piano along with voice and Alicia can teach piano, guitar, or ukulele.  Learning an instrument simultaneously with voice can also help you to warm yourself up without the assistance of an instrumentalist.

For a complete education on the ins and outs of being a vocalist, consider requesting pointers on performance technique, stage presence, and beating stage fright.  And if you’d like help with music reading skills, and songwriting, Cynthia and Alicia are well versed on those subjects as well. Whether you are working towards performing in the future, or just singing for your own enjoyment, you will find joy in voice lessons as you awaken latent talents and plumb the depths of unrealized potential.