Reviews of Nassau Bay Music Lessons

Kristen Box-Rojas

Ed and Alicia are great musicians, teachers and people! They strive to cultivate the love of music in their students. They run their music center professionally and are very caring and encouraging to their students!

Beth Brooks Birmingham

Really great people & wonderful teachers….for ANY age group.

Sierra Marshall

My son was scared of starting music lessons, after his first lesson with Ed he is always ready to go and always has fun. Ed is Great in helping him figure out what ever music he wants to learn on his bass even if it’s a local garage band

Rachel Elder

It may not have been a long time, but the lessons I got from you were highly influential in my development as a musician. I still remember how excited I was to finally find someone who could teach me Irish fiddle and I truly believe I wouldn’t have come this far without that encouragement and experience.

Dawn Bulfin

Great group of instructors with extensive knowledge. My extremely shy 7 year old loves her piano teachers! They have been patient and she has blossomed! Thank you!!!!!

Laura Alcala

Alicia has taught Giselle so much!!! She has blossomed tremendously since starting voice and piano lessons. Alicia works well with kids, and it is amazing to see my child eager to learn more and more. She is truly molding Giselle to fulfill her dream of being a top notch performer!!

Hope Underwood

I cannot recommend Ed highly enough. My son always looked forward to his sessions and he always took something useful away from his violin lessons. Some of it was music related, some of it was advice on how to be a good person. I didn’t witness the sessions but I could hear some of the conversations. Ed would ask my son how things were going, how was school that week – stuff his own father never bothers to ask about. It’s obvious that Ed cares about his students and I feel blessed to count him and his lovely wife, Alicia, as my friends!!! We moved away from Clear Lake and one of the things my son misses the most is his music sessions with Ed. I know that I’m not the only parent who feels this way about them because I’ve spoken to other parents numerous times and, to a person, they ALL feel the same way I do!

Sonja Mull

As a mother of a young child taking ukulele lessons, I am amazed at Ed’s patience and his ability to keep my child engaged in the lesson. He is able to strike a perfect balance between allowing my child to explore his musical interests yet keep his attention on the task at hand. As a teacher, I admire Ed’s wealth of musical knowledge and his ability to use a variety of teaching techniques to keep my son interested. My son thoroughly enjoys going to music lessons because Ed is able to make learning fun.

Greg Austin

Great people! Even better music teachers. I grew up getting bass lessons from Ed at 13 and saw him a few years later when I was about 24 and got with him to do more lessons, on a few different instruments I wanted to learn. Hes a great teacher and really pushes you to become a better musician.

Heather Pencil

Fantastic teachers! My child loves spending time with them and I feel completely comfortable with the instructors. They have lots of experience and are very accomplished. If you’re looking for children’s music lessons in Clear Lake, you couldn’t do better than Ed & Alicia!

Les Quiocho

My wife Carmen and I think the world of Ed, but more importantly, our teenage son does too. We were extremely blessed to find him as a guitar teacher approximately 3 years ago, both from a professional and personal standpoint. Ed has not only allowed our son to focus on his blues guitar abilities but also has given him the opportunity to explore other genres of music, on electric, acoustic, and even ukulele at one point. He has a unique way of introducing and teaching the underlying theory without the student really being aware of it.
The guitar sessions with Ed are so much more than your traditional music lessons. It’s impressive the way he personally interacts with our son, asking him about high school and other things going on in his life. We can honestly say that music night is the definite highlight of our son’s week. Moreover, we now believe that Ed has inspired our son to pursue music in college.
Ed is energetic, extremely knowledgeable, obviously talented, and just has a cool way of dealing with students and their parents. He and his wife Alicia are really good people with outstanding character. My wife and I would highly recommend Ed to any aspiring guitarists, or musicians for that matter, and this is done without any hesitation.

David Rocabado

My 9 year old daughter was taking cello lessons with Ed for a little over a year. Ed was always encouraging and positive. My daughter was eager to play for family relatives. Ed is very talented and has a lot of experience to share. He was able to get my daughter to focus during the lessons. I wish that she still wanted to play. Unfortunately, she stopped because she wanted to play a different instrument, but hasn’t decided what to play yet. Hopefully she’ll come around and we’ll be able to continue taking lessons with Ed. On a side note, she took a voice lesson with Alicia and with that one 30-minute session, my daughter picked up some very useful information that she still talks about and applies when she’s singing on the her karaoke machine. So the two of them (Ed and Alicia) make a great team all-around when it comes to music ability. My experience has been a very positive one with both of them and I plan on introducing my 5 year old, once she’s ready… thanks to both of them for their hard work…

Juan Carlos Figueroa

Our family had the pleasure of learning Ukulele under Ed. He is very patient, understanding, and has a great sense of humor. I recommend him 100% as I know he will be awesome with you as well. Juan Carlos Figueroa

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