Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele Lessons

If you had to pick a stringed instrument whose very name instantly conjured up images of fun, sun, and relaxation, you’d be hard pressed not to select the Ukulele from the very top of the list. We’re happy to employ not one, but two great instructors, so if you’re looking for ukulele lessons in Clear Lake Texas chances are Nassau Bay Music Lessons has someone who will fit the bill.

Alicia holds a bachelors degree in music education from the University of Houston, and has been teaching in public schools and private lessons for over ten years. Teaching both children and adults, many of her students have gone on to professional careers in music, as singers and performers.

Edward Motter-Vlahakos employs a systematic curriculum, using elements from a classical music literacy approach along with aspects of natural linguistics to help students learn the ukulele through playing familiar songs and having fun. Ed has been teaching ukulele lessons in Clear Lake Texas for over twenty years, and teaches a variety of ages.

Until fairly recently, over the past fifty years the humble ukulele has been considered little more than a novelty instrument. But suddenly, probably due in part to some phenomenal viral YouTube performances, the popularity of ukulele has experienced a great resurgence. Many acoustic instrument manufacturers and distributors have reported monumental increases in sales, in some cases supply greatly outstripping demand, and simultaneously a flood of well made yet inexpensive Chinese ukes have flooded over to our shores.

What makes the Ukulele such an engaging instrument? The simplicity inherent in such a small, friendly frame is self evident, and with only four nylon strings and such a short scale length, this diminutive descendant of a Portuguese sailor’s instrument allows for only about two octaves of playable surface. But it with within such limitations that great art is made, and while some would consider the ukulele to be a profoundly limited toy virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro became a nationwide sensation covering George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” which has hit more than thirteen million hits on YouTube earning him tours with Jimmy Buffett, a recording session with cellist Yo-Yo Ma and various television appearances.