Many kids — and their parents — have stumbled on a fascinating discovery: that yelling “poop” at their Alexa devices made a certain song play.

New reporting by BuzzFeed about the defecation-themed songs reveals that the artists behind these gross and hilarious childrens’ songs found that as the streams have accumulated, so too have the royalties. In other words, hoping that children will yell “poop” at smart home devices is a sound business model.

The first artist profiled — Oregon music teacher Dan Helpish, who plays under the name Dandyland — told BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos that he was shocked to discover his song “Poopy Stupid Butt” had become a pandemic favorite.

Helpish said that the song was written collaboratively between himself, his partner and music school co-runner Kristen Muir, and their special needs students when they prompted three students to come up with a phrase that had five syllables. One girl hollered “poopy stupid butt!” and the rest was history as the kids began riffing off of the theme, with Helpish writing down their muses’ every word.