Recorder Lessons Clear Lake Texas

Recorder Lessons Clear Lake TexasAlthough frequently associated with children’s music classes, the recorder is an ancient instrument nearly unchanged since its iron-age ancestor the internal duct-flute was first carved from bone or reed. The recorder’s dulcet sound and warm tone combined with it’s ease of play and flexibility have enchanted musicians and audiences for millenia.  Extremely popular during the Renaissance, modern recorder design remains largely unchanged since the 16th century, a testament to its functionality and versatility. Cynthia Butler teaches recorder lessons in Clear Lake Texas at our Nassau Bay Music Lessons studio, and she holds a Bachelors in music education from Baylor. If you are looking to either add some early or medieval music to your repertoire, or trying to find a great beginner wind instrument for your preschooler, then recorder may be the perfect place to start!

Apart from its obvious portability, recorder may be the ideal instrument for young learners because the sound production is easily accomplished with minimal instruction, leaving plenty of time for fun and creativity. A modern plastic recorder may be acquired relatively cheaply on Amazon, and although the tone may be a little harsher than a fine hand carved wooden instrument you would be hard pressed to find another piece of musical equipment capable of performing such a variety of music for under $3! Unlike the transverse flute which requires time to develop the embouchure needed to produce favorable tones, the recorder (like its Irish cousin, the tin whistle) creates the sound through the fipple which is built into the mouthpiece.  We’d love to answer any more questions you may have about taking recorder lessons in Clear Lake Texas with us, for further inquiry or to schedule lessons now please give us a call at 832-493-5968 and we’ll do our best to get you started on a fun and lifelong musical journey.