Piano Lessons Clear Lake Texas

Piano Lessons Clear Lake TexasSometimes, especially for beginners or parents of small children, just choosing their first instrument can seem like a daunting task. However, despite all of the variety out there, there are many reasons why choosing to take piano lessons in Clear Lake Texas from Nassau Bay Music Lessons is the right one. Both of our piano instructors have bachelors of music education degrees from respected universities, and have spent several years teaching elementary music in award winning charter schools. If you live in Clear Lake, Webster, Friendswood, Kemah, or Seabrook Texas then our lesson studio is located close to you, and with the freedom to book lessons that match your schedule we make it easy to feel secure about making musical decisions which will positively impact you life for years to come!

What makes the piano such a good instrument to learn? One reason is the logical way the keys are laid out, in the 300 years since the piano evolved from the harpsichord when Italian inventor Bartolomeo Cristofor was looking for an instrument with better dynamic response, it has changed very little. Another reason is the relatively inexpensive equipment needed to practice at home. Although some would say to go ahead and spend a lot of money at the beginning getting the best keyboard with weighted keys you can afford, in reality around $100 will purchase an electronic keyboard with 46 keys which is good enough to learn the basics on. As long as it has black and white keys and produces some semblance of piano-like tone a cheap electronic keyboard is perfectly suited to the beginner or child student, and with a headphone jack available on almost every model you can practice at your leisure in silence without having to feel the pressure of someone else listening in. Also, Piano sheet music is very easy to acquire, either online or at one of our many local music stores, and sometimes just finding the arrangements of songs that are right for you at your level can be the difference between being an avid piano student, and languishing in unmotivated neglect.

Hopefully we’ve answered some of your questions surrounding your decision to take piano lessons in Clear Lake Texas, we’re sure you have more. Feel free to contact us at Nassau Bay Music Lessons with further inquiry, and we’ll do our best to help you get all the information you need.