Music Lessons Clear Lake Texas

nbml outdoor signOur Clear Lake music teaching studio is located at the corner of El Camino Real and Oakgrove, between Nasa Road 1 and Bay Area Blvd, in the two story white & brick building right next to Tiger’s Den Karate. Just pull around to the parking lot in the back and come inside for a vist, we’ll even make some coffee!

917 Oak Grove #100, Webster, Tx 77058

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Nassau Bay Music Lessons Clear Lake music teaching studio

When it comes to choosing a music teacher in Clear Lake we know there is a bewildering wealth of choices available. We understand that searching the internet, asking for friends recommendations, and scouring music shops for the perfect music educator to fit your specific needs can be not only a daunting task, but also a full time occupation.  Each of us at Nassau Bay Music Lessons have invested a great deal of our time on the opposite side of the table from where you now sit, and we’ve built relationships and in some cases even worked alongside many of the private music instructors and local music studios in the area, and we’ve seen how busy and complicated our customers lives have become.  We know you’ve spent your valuable time searching, but rest assured that finding the right teacher, whether for yourself or your children, can be the most gratifying of gifts you can receive! On Christmas day, twenty thirteen, we at Nassau Bay Music Lessons gave ourselves the gift of launching our own Clear Lake music teaching studio. For a while we’ve wanted a place we could teach built on our own particular philosophy, namely…

“music is a fun, apprehendable, social activity which should be joyfully shared with people you love!”

This vision colors everything we do, whether individually the three of us are teaching voice lessons, violin lessons, and piano lessons simultaneously in our separate studios, or we’re lounging around together in the waiting room drinking coffee and playing with the children.  As a family we are blessed to be able travel and perform music together, and we love sharing music with each other and our kids, but being given the privilege of imparting this joy of music and song with you and your family is an elation unsurpassed! Thank you for considering trusting us with your musical education and the instruction of your children.