Electric Guitar Lessons Clear Lake Texas

Electric Guitar Lessons Clear Lake TexasWhen considering the full gamut of musical development that occurred in the second half of the twentieth century, one instrument alone stands out as the reigning king of popular music. From Hawaiian steel guitar, to New Wave, to Reggae, to chicken’ picken’ Country (AND Western!), and especially good ole’ fashioned Rock & Roll, the electric guitar’s indelible impression on the sound and psyche of the world is indisputable.

Edward Motter-Vlahakos teaches electric guitar lessons in Clear Lake Texas at Nassau Bay Music Lessons. Ed has been playing and performing in Clear Lake since the early nineties, and has taught countless students the art and craft of guitar. With an arsenal of  tips and tricks he’s learned and developed over more than twenty years of teaching experience, Ed will help you develop good technique, beef up your reading chops, expand your understanding of the theory behind lyrical improvisation, aid you in selecting gear and equipment to achieve a particular tone, or assist in the imperative task of instructing the language centers of the brain to connect your intuition to your fingers. If you can hear it in your head, or hum it with your voice, then assuredly you can play it through your instrument, and choosing Nassau Bay Music Lessons for your training is the first step to making it happen!