Cello Lessons Clear Lake Texas

Cello Lessons Clear Lake TexasThe Cello, that instantly recognizably elegant tenor voice of the string family.  Perhaps because it shares a similar range with human vocals, the allure of the cello seems to defy all bias of musical style and taste.  Equally at home in chamber music quartets, metal bands, modern praise and worship, jazz, Carnatic music, and practically anything else, the cello had wound its way into the hearts of music aficionados the world over. Nassau Bay Music Lessons offers Cello lessons in Clear Lake, Texas to both beginners and established players who want to brush up on their fundamentals, we have over twenty years of teaching experience and many of our orchestra students have won region competitions.

The violincello (or just “cello” for short) is a member of the violin family, with four strings tuned in fifths and played sitting upright.  It is directly descended from other sixteenth century instruments like the viola da braccio and viola da gamba, and early on was found in a variety of shapes and sizes, both fretless and fretted, including the guitar-sized violincello da spalla which was played at the neck with a strap.  Today the standard acoustic violincello is found in progressively smaller sizes to fit the fingerspan of different sized individuals from full size adults down to two year olds. There are also electric variations of the instrument, which allow for as much variety of tone and effects as are common to the modern electric guitar.

Compared to other member of the violin family, the cello is probably thought of as the easiest to learn, with the basic techniques of producing a pleasing tone a fairly simple task to accomplish.  For this reason, cello is an excellent beginner instrument for adults with little or no playing experience, and for a fairly inexpensive rental fee a high quality otherwise prohibitively expensive instrument may be acquired from many retailers locally.  For more information on the cello lessons we offer in Clear Lake, Texas feel free to contact us today!