CCISD Independent Study Mentorship Program (ISM):

Independent Study Mentorship (Adv Acad/GT)
Credit: 1/2 credit (state) Grade Level(s): 11-12
Prerequisite(s): Enrollment Limited/Application Required.
Notes: A possible Distinguished Achievement Plan advanced measure.
The Independent Study Mentorship (ISM), is a program designed for students with interests at the professional level. ISM involves creating a project to explore a career field, working with professionals in the community and presenting the end product.

Students must:
1. Complete an in-depth study in an area of interest.
2. Document three to five hours of work each week.
3. Submit weekly logs of documentation.
4. Meet with a mentor on a regular basis.
5. Present a final project.
6. Follow all school policies and represent Clear Creek Independent School District in a respectful and professional manner.

For more information on ISM contact CCISD or ask a representative
from your school if there is a ISM program available. – Clear Creek ISD

We can provide a mentor for professional fields in music performance, Composition, production and other related careers.
For all types of ISM Programs we do require a formal meeting and audition.