Nassau Bay Music Lessons offers private music lessons in Clear Lake Texas in a professional and family friendly environment, for only $25 per half-hour!  With over 35 years of teaching experience we provide instruction for children and adults, beginners and professionals alike, in a variety of disciplines and instruments including…

  Music Lessons in Clear Lake Texas

We believe that engaging in the creative composition of music & song, alone or as part of an ensemble, is one of the most fulfilling and personally productive skills one can enjoy.  Music is a discipline which develops character and promotes a feeling of accomplishment, relished by people at any age. Providing music lessons in Clear Lake Texas, Seabrook, Webster, Friendswood, Kemah, Pasadena, Nassau Bay Music Lessons works with highly qualified music teachers and pairs each student with the teacher that will help them expand skills and reach personal goals. The cost is $25 per half hour session payable by cash, check, or credit card, with one lesson per week being the norm, and we offer recitals twice a year in both the Spring and Autumn sessions.  No registration fees, no hidden charges, no monthly dues, just pay for the lessons you attend.

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Music Lessons in Houston

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